9.6GHz Step Recovery Diode (SRD) Multiplier

Below is a frequency multiplier based around a step recovery diode (SRD). The input frequency is 1.6 GHz and the output frequency is 9.6 GHz. The PCB & schematic were generated in Altium Designer, the layout was then imported into HFSS for characterization. HFSS provided a 29 port s-parameter file for the harmonic balance simulation (ADS). Separately, the edge coupled filter was modified & optimized using HFSS. The filter uses four half-wave resonators – but the method of coupling is different in this design eliminating very narrow gaps (making the design manufacturable).

SRD PCB Layout using Altium Designer's 3D View

SRD PCB Layout using Altium Designer’s 3D View

HFSS simulation of SRD PCB

Electromagnetic simulation of SRD multiplier PCB showing current density.

Harmonic Balance Simulation

Harmonic Balance Simulation