I use Altium for schematic capture and layout – typically for R&D prototypes or proof-of-concept (or demonstrator) products.    DAS engineering is registered with Altium’s Service Bureau as a Partner.  If you have PCB needs give me a call.


A service bureau is an outsourcing partner for design work to be done with Altium tools. Only those active within the Altium community and skilled with Altium tools can become official service bureaus.






Here are my own notes, workarounds, and tips on using Altium:  Altium Help & Tips

A few examples are shown below giving you an idea of the prototypes I can produce using Altium.

Synthesizer for RFID (meets ETSI specifications).  This ptrototype is a good example showing RF, PLL and digital circuits on one board.   This is an original design I created to meet Europe’s ETSI standards (low spurs).   The loop filter is an original design that reduces the frequency sampling product out of the charge pump.   On the output I created a low cost 2nd and 3rd harmonic filter.  The PCB is multi-layer with Roger’s 4350 on the top and ordinary FR4 on the bottom.