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David Alexander Straight


DBA DAS Engineering I work out of my San Jose, CA office providing advanced electromagnetic designs and some software.  Contact me if your company would like to consider a business relationship with DAS Engineering.


MS in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University
BS in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University
Managed engineers with graduate degrees (direct reports)
14 years experience in designing Microwave circuits including Filters, PLLs, Mixers
5 years experience in designing passive filters and diplexers including cavity and waveguide filters
2 years of experience designing microwave mixers
2 years experience in designing radio systems including spurious analysis and specification derivation
2 years of experience designing and integrating antennas into systems
Thoroughly familiar with theoretical fundamentals of waveguide based filters, multiplexers
Highly Proficient in EM simulation tools– including HFSS, CST, Feko, AWR Microwave Office and Momentum (ADS, Series IV, Libra), SPICE simulator
Prior experience of working in defense industry and have held a secret security clearance
Proficiency with Verilog HDL, C, Visual C++, Python, C++ , PHP, Ruby and assembly for microprocessors,
Comfortable with various web, client, system development, and release technologies, including Ajax, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, XML, networking protocols, UNIX shells and systems, WordPress etc.


DAS Engineering, San Jose, CA
Clients: Spinnaker Microwave, Solid Core, Nuvation, TCI, Selway Tool, Phase Matrix, and Qualcomm.
Analog/RF/Microwave: Designed a 2-18GHz amplitude equalizer on thinfilm. Designed and integrated circularly polarized patch antenna using 3D EM tools (HFSS).
Firmware/Software: Wrote firmware for a USB controlled display using open source code and a PIC18F4550 processor. Wrote miscellaneous firmware for various PIC processors. Design and layout of a low phase noise synthesizer (analog, digital and firmware -ADUC7021 processor).
Web Programming: User interface design and database work: implemented a WAMP server, set up an automated email system using PEAR, design of web pages including graphic creation and primarily hand coding in PHP, HTML, jQuery and some JavaScript
Teaching: I am also a teacher teaching an undergraduate course for DeVry Inc. in microprocessor interfacing (Course: ECET340 – Processor: HCS12 family)

Trango Systems, San Jose, CA
Systems Engineering Manager
Reported directly to the president of Z-Comm Microwave. Responsible for new product development. Hired in as a Systems Engineer and then promoted to manager with engineers reporting directly to me. Project manager responsible for system design and development of a 15GHz point to point transceiver (I am the architect of this radio and I designed all microwave components myself including the horn antenna and diplexer cavity filters.). Designer of planar microwave filters from 1GHz to 18GHz including an HFSS design of a cavity filter at 6GHz with plans to integrate this into a diplexer. Utilized modern techniques to create compact versions of commonly used edge coupled filters using HFFS extensively (similar to CST). Began writing a patent for a coupler that I designed. Provided technical guidance to others.

DAS Engineering, San Jose, CA
I consulted for several companies in the SF Bay Area as an RF/Microwave engineer. Anritsu (9/2007 ~ 5/2008) designed a microwave subsystem (first converter and LO distribution) for a new product. Tagent (12/2006) BPFs. Nuvation (11/2006 ~ 1/2007) Provided technical expertise (a white paper) on how to design low frequency magnetic RFID Antennas.

RFID (Alien Technology, AWiD & AnyTag) , Morgan Hill, CA
Senior RF Design Engineer
Managed a project, developed an architecture using a two loop PLL designed for low phase noise
(-130dBc/Hz from 3kHz ~ 10kHz) and low spurious output (over 90dBc). Invented and designed analog circuitry to remove unwanted transient responses commonly found in RFID homodyne receivers improving overall system performance (ability to read tags).

M/A-Com, San Jose, CA
Senior Engineer (RF Design Engineer)
Held a Security Clearance and worked as a designer for microwave subsystems (receivers). Responsibilities include design of microwave components such as edge coupled filters, couplers, and mixers and system design of a direct synthesizer. Made a significant contribution by designing a PLL that had previously given the project much trouble.

Sunrise Telecom, San Jose, CA
Contract work (RF Design Engineer)
Contracted to design several key microwave components to be used in one of their test instruments (details cannot be divulged at this time).

Anritsu, Morgan Hill, CA
Design Engineer
Designed the first two converters and filters used in Anritsu’s Spectrum Analyzer (see Signature MS2781A on their website). This position required design and implementation of RF and microwave components (amplifiers, couplers, filters, mixers, samplers and phase shifters). These components were part of an IF chain inside a spectrum analyzer and ranged in frequency from 0Hz through 27GHz. It was a requirement to keep the overall group delay constant to facilitate accurate demodulation of complex signals (BPSK, QPSK, QAM, etc.). In addition, concepts of transmission line matching, matching into and out of connectors, launching waves from one medium to another played an important role in design. Design tools used: HFSS and ADS.


MS – Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
GPA: 3.82 (4.0 Scale)

  • Adaptive filters
  • All of Dr. Egan’s PLL, frequency synthesizer and RF systems courses
  • Course in Semiconductor Physics (S.M Sze)
  • Course in Verilog HDL

BS – Electrical Engineering
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
GPA : 3.55 (4.0 Scale)

  • Designed a high powered VHF radio using PIN Diodes as a T/R switch
  • An officer at Eta Kappa Nu, coordination of an event at Cal Poly’s Open House


Design experience in Thin Film, PCB and Waveguide

C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, programming in ADS

Expert level proficiency in filter design on waveguide, thin film and PCB technologies up to 23 GHz, amplifiers, mixers, synthesizers, diplexers and waveguide launches

Deriving specifications for a communication system, Frequency Plans, performing spurious analysis

Publication and Patent

David A. Straight , “A Novel Approach in Detecting Compression Levels within an amplifier or MMIC” 2005 Annual M/A-COM symposium at Aerospace and defense business sector, Lowell, MA

David A. Straight , “Novel ultra compact coupler for microwave digital radio applications on lossy substrates” filter developed at Trango Systems, to be filed as a patent.

David A. Straight , “High directivity planar coupler” developed at Trango Systems, to be filed as a patent.

David A. Straight , “Affine Projection Algorithm: Variations And Application To 2-D Image Processing”, Santa Clara University