I’m a full time contractor working out of my home office in San Jose, CA.   Typically, I provide circuit designs – including electromagnetic passive designs using EM simulators (such as HFSS or CST).   Contact me

Work Flow

Our relationship usually starts with a phone call or an email.  From there, specifications are passed to me followed by a quote and work agreement.  Once our work agreement is signed I’ll begin working on your project.   I can deliver working solutions in the form of working PCB designs, RF & millimeter wave circuits on alumina or cavity filters.

Services Offered

  • Turnkey Solutions
    Leverage my experience as an RF & microwave design engineer by having me design and layout completed PCB designs.  From specifications I’ll generate a block diagram, design individual components and circuits using electromagnetic software, generate a schematic, BOM and layout.  You’ll get a working PCB design.
  • Component solutions
    I specialize in passive component design often taking advantage of electromagnetic simulation (such as HFSS or CST) for unique and custom designs.- Filters on alumina substrate or PCB (BPF, LPF, HPF), mixers, couplers, baluns and other creative designs that will fit your design needs.
  • Circuit Design
    Transistor level design, Discrete LNA, IF amplifier, etc.
  • Synthesizer/PLL Design
    Single loop or multiple loop design and turnkey solution
  • Schematic Capture & Layout
    I bought my own copy of Altium Designer and use this software for all of my PCB designs.   For more information click in this link.